SEPCO Bill Calculator – Now Calculate Sepco bill for best estimate

Sepco bill calculator is the tool that is used to estimate or verify the bill amount before and after the arrival of the bill. This tool is used as the Sepco bill estimator and give you near about amount of your bill. You just have to enter the consumed units of the month.

Sepco is Sukkur electric power company and is established by Syed Ibrar Ali. This company is providing electricity to thousands of house and fulfill all their needs.

How to calculate SEPCO bill

Calculating Sepco bill is not that difficult if you are using Sepco bill calculator. You just need to enter the consumed units and few more data and you will get the result. But if you are calculating Sepco bill offline then you need to take cares of units and unit rates because unit rates varies. Follow these steps to calculate Sepco bill online.

  • First of all click on the given Sepco bill calculator button
  • This button will take you to the page where you have to select the company
  • After that enter few details to get the result
  • Enter consumed units of the month
  • Enter connection type, phase and peak and off peak timings
  • At the end click on the submit button
  • You will get result in few seconds

Calculating bill amount with the tool will provide you the accurate Sepco bill if you enter all details otherwise you will get just estimated amount.

Sepco consumer bill calculator

Calculating Sepco bill online is the easiest process because you just have to enter the total consumed units that you used in the whole month. If you are using electricity you have to pay its bill. With this Sepco bill estimator tool you will get estimated amount if you just enter the units. But if you want to get the accurate bill amount you have to enter few details other than the units. You need to enter data like connection type, phase, and peak and off peak timings etc. after entering these values click on the submitting button and you will get the results in a few seconds.

Connection type

Connection type is known as the tariff and there three types of connection. There is residential connection, industrial connection and commercial connection. You have to enter this connection type for getting accurate bill amount. If you do not know your connection type you can see if on your previous Sepco bill. It is named as tariff in your Sepco bill.

Consumed Units

Consumed units are used for calculating bill amount those units that you consume in whole month. If you are using Sepco bill calculator for estimating Sepco bill amount you can calculate consumed units from your electric meter. Subtract previous bill units from the total bill units so you will get the consumed units of the month. If you want to verify your bill amount is correct or wrong you can also use this. For this purpose enter the units that are already mentioned on your bill. So you do not need to calculate units for verifying bill cost after receiving the bill.

SEPCO bill calculator meter readings

Input SEPCO bill reference number on official website


Phase of the Sepco bill are of two types one is single phase and the other is three phase. For both of these phases unit rates are different that is why you have to enter the exact phase and connection type to get precise result. If you do not enter phase type in the Sepco bill estimator you will not get accurate amount and get only estimated amount of the bill.

Peak and off peak

Peak and off peak timings are the hours of the day when unit rates are different. For example at peak timings the rate of unit is high and is about 22.65 and for off peak timings unit rate is 16.33. Entering these peaks and off peaks hour will bring more accuracy in your Sepco bill calculation.

Sepco bill calculation formula

For calculating Sepco bill you do not need formula. Calculation is done by few simple calculations that can be done by hand. But the main thing that you should keep in mind while calculating bill cost is the unit rates are different for different ranges and for connection type. This is the technical thing that may cause error in your calculated bill amount.

First of all multiply unit rate with the consumed unit. Then add tax, service rent, meter rent etc. in it. But if you are using tool to estimate Sepco bill amount you do not need to do such calculations. Just enter the consumed units and get the result. This tool is already generate with the latest unit rates.

Sepco bill unit calculation

You can calculate your total units from the meter and then subtract previous units from the total units. By doing this you will get the consumed units of the month. This is the simple formula used to calculate the unit.

Consumed unit = total unit- previous month consumed unit

Sepco bill unit rates

Sepco bill units varies for different connection types, for phase and for peak and off peak timings. Unit rate is also different for the different range of units. For example, rate for 1-50 units is different from the unit ranges form 50-100 and so on. You can see the rates of unit in the given table

Here is the unit rate list of residential unit range

1. 1-50 Units 3.95
2. 1 – 100 Units 7.74
3. 101 – 200 Units 10.06
4. 201 – 300 Units 12.15
5. 301 – 700 19.55
6. More than 700 Units 22.65

For commercial connection the rate per unit is 19.95 and for industrial connection it is 19.51 per unit. For peak hours the unit rate is 22.65 and for off peak hours rate is 16.33 rupee per unit.

How to check Sepco electricity bill

Sepco is now facilitating its consumers by starting online services. You can not only calculate bill amount but also can check Sepco bill online. You can download the duplicate of your bill and can pay it online. To check the Sepco bill online first of all you have to search for the Sepco bill checker site and then enter a 14 digit reference number there.

You will get this reference number from your any previous bill and reference number will be same for your bill. After entering reference number you can check online bill and also can download its duplicate.

SEPCO bill reference number

Sepco Online billing Service

There are different ways by which you can pay your Sepco bill. You can either use jazz cash app or by bank. If you have activated e banking for your debt card you can pay Sepco bill by that and can also go to the bank to pay cash bill.

Jazz cash is the most convenient way of paying bill online. You can handle all your bill by sitting at home. Just activate jazz cash app on your mobile activate it on your number and you can pay bills online.

Sepco bill estimator

Sepco bill estimator is used to estimate Sepco bill amount before the arrival of monthly bill. You can estimate bill amount but get rough idea if you do not enter all details and just enter the consumed units to this calculator. So for getting accurate bill cost enter all the details of the calculator and estimate as well as verify bill.

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