QESCO bill calculator – You Can Calculate Qesco bill for Close Estimate

Qesco bill calculator is a tool that is used to calculate the total bill amount. You can now estimate your bill amount with this Qesco bill estimator before the arrival of the bill. Qesco is also providing you’re the facility of online bill checking, getting duplicate bill and also paying bill online using jazz cash account.

Qesco is Quetta electric supply company that is supplying power to thousands of houses. It’s the huge power supply that is providing electricity to the Baluchistan province and almost 43% area of Pakistan.  It’s the eighth electricity company started by Wapda in 1981.

Qesco consumer bill calculator online

Calculating Qesco bill online is the easiest process because you just have to enter the total consumed units of the month. You will get the estimated amount if you just enter the units but if you want to get the accurate bill amount you have to enter few details other than the units. You need to enter data like connection type, phase, and peak and off peak timings etc. after entering these values click on the submitting button and you will get the results in a few seconds.

Connection type

Connection type is known as the tariff and there three types of connection. There is residential connection, industrial connection and commercial connection. You have to enter this connection type for getting accurate bill amount. If you do not know your connection type you can see if on your previclose ous Qesco bill. It is named as tariff in your Qesco bill.

Check tariff plan of qesco bill for bill calculation

Consumed Units

Consumed units are those units that you consume in whole month. If you are using Qesco bill calculator for estimating Qesco bill (Wapda company) amount you can calculate consumed units from your electric meter. Subtract previous bill units from the total bill units so you will get the consumed units of the month. If you want to verify your bill amount is correct or wrong you can also use this. For this purpose enter the units that are already mentioned on your bill. So you do not need to calculate units for verifying bill cost after receiving the bill.


There are two types of phase one is single phase and the other is three phase. For both of these phases unit rates are different that is why you have to enter the exact phase and connection type to get precise result. If you do not enter phase type in the Qesco bill estimator you will not get accurate amount and get only estimated amount of the bill.

Peak and off peak

Peak and off peak timings are hours in a day when unit rates are varies. For example at peak timings the rate of unit is high and is about 22.65 and for off peak timings unit rate is 16.33. Entering these peaks and off peaks hour will bring more accuracy in your Qesco bill calculation.

How to calculate Qesco bill

  • If you want to calculate Qesco bill you need to follow these steps.
  • First of all enter the button of “calculate Qesco bill”
  • You will be reached to page where you have to select the electricity company
  • After that you will be on a Qesco bill estimator page
  • Here you have to enter the required data
  • First you are asked to enter the consumed units
  • Then select the connection type
  • After that select phase an then enter peak and off peak timings if you know.
  • Enter the submitting button
  • You will get the result in few seconds.

Qesco bill calculation formula

Calculation of Qesco bill is not that difficult if you are using online calculator tool. But if you are calculating bill offline then it may take time and also there are chances of error. This is because the unit rates are different for different connection types and for different consumed units range. You need to care about so many things.

There is no specific formula for calculating Qesco bill. You need to multiply consumed units with the latest per unit rate keeping unit range in mind. Then add tax, service rent etc. also take care of peak and off peak timings. When you are calculating bill using estimate Qesco bill tool you do not need to know per unit rate and connection type unit rate etc. just enter your bill data and get the result in few seconds.

Qesco bill unit calculator

Consumed unit are those units that you used in the whole month. You can calculate these units from your electricity meter reading. Check the total consumed units of the meter that units on the meter are total units from the start to the present day.  Then subtract the units of the previous Qesco bill from these total units and you will get total units that you consumed in the whole month.

You can also calculate units by using power formula that id if you are using 1000 watts per day multiply it with 24 hour and 30 days of month. You will get total kilowatts per hour then by diving it with 1000 you will get total units that may use in the whole month.

Qesco bill unit rates

Qesco bill units varies for connection types and for phase. Unit rate is also different for the different range of units. For example, rate for 1-50 units is different from the unit ranges form 50-100 and so on.

Here is the qesco unit rate list of residential unit range

1. 1-50 Units 3.95
2. 1 – 100 Units 7.74
3. 101 – 200 Units 10.06
4. 201 – 300 Units 12.15
5. 301 – 700 19.55
6. More than 700 Units 22.65

For commercial connection the rate per unit is 19.95 and for industrial connection it is 19.51 per unit. For peak hours the unit rate is 22.65 and for off peak hours rate is 16.33 rupee per unit.

How to check Qesco electricity bill

Qesco is providing the facility to check the bill online and also you can pay your bill online. If you do not receive your bill or you are not finding your bill then you can check you Qesco bill online using your reference number.

Input QESCO Bill reference number

Reference number is different of every bill and for checking bill online you need that reference number. You can check that reference number on you’re the right corner of your bill. Enter that reference number on the bill checking tool and get you bill.

QESCO Bill reference number for bill calculation

Qesco Online billing Service

There are different option by which you can pay bill online. You can either pay bill via jazz cash which is the easiest way of paying bill or by bank. You can install jazz cash app and pay bill online. Online billing service is the convenient way by which you can pay bill from your home. You do not need to go out to pay your bill.

Qesco bill estimator

Qesco bill estimator is the online tool that gives you accurate results of your bill amount after adding required data. Estimate Qesco bill tool used the latest unit rates so you just need to enter consumed units and you will get the result.

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