PESCO bill calculator – Now Calculate pesco bill accurately in single click

Pesco bill calculator has made bill estimation easy. You just have to enter the units in the tool and can get estimated Pesco bill amount. If you are looking for the best Pesco bill calculator that calculate bill with updated units rate do not worry. Because here we have made a tool to calculate Pesco bill quickly.

Pesco is the Peshawar electric supply company and this company is full filling the electricity needs of thousands of houses. Pesco is also proving online services which means you can now see your Pesco bill online. Not only you can check your bill but also can estimate Pesco bill and pay it online.

How to calculate Pesco bill

Calculating Pesco bill by hand is quite difficult because for calculating bill you must know unit rate, total units, tax, services rent, phase, connection type, and other technical things. But if you are using the Pesco bill calculator to calculate easy you do not need to know all of these things. If you want to calculate the estimated bill cost then you can just enter the total consumed units in this tool. But if you want to calculate the accurate bill amount then you need to fill all the required data like connection type and phase. Follow the following steps to calculate the Pesco bill.

  • First of all click on the Pesco bill calculator button given here
  • Then you will reached to a page where you can select the bill company
  • Select your Bill Company
  • Then you will redirect to the Pesco bill estimator page
  • Add consumed units
  • Select phase and connection
  • Add more required data
  • Click on submit

After submitting required data you will get your bill amount.

Pesco consumer bill calculator

Pesco bill calculator is a tool that is use to estimate or verify your monthly Pesco bill amount. The consumers just have to know the total units they consumed to get approximate bill amount. If you do not know how to calculate the unit from the meter you simply subtract previous bill units from the total units of the meter. To calculate the Pesco bill precisely you will need to know three things that are

  • Consumed units

You must know the units you used in the whole month. If you get the bill and want to verify bill payment you can use the units mentioned on your bill. But if you want to estimate bill cost before its arrival you can simply use the subtraction method in which you subtract previous bill units from the total units of meter.

  • Connection type

Connection type plays an important role in calculating the accurate amount of bill. There are three types of connection that are residential, commercial and industrial. This connection type is mentioned in your bill as Tariff. You see your tariff from any of your previous bill.

Pesco bill calculator

  • Phase

There are two phases first one is single phase and the second one is three phase connection. For getting the accurate bill amount you must have to select your phase type. This also mentioned in your old electricity bills.

Pesco bill calculation formula

You can calculate Pesco bill online by using Pesco bill calculator. For that you do not need any formula. Just enter the bill data and get the calculated bill amount. There is formula to calculate bill but there few simple calculation if you are not using online calculator tool. Multiply latest units rate with the total consumed units and then add tax, service rent etc.

You also need to be careful because the unit rate is different for different consumed ranges and for different connection types. Also there are off-peak and peak timing in a day. In peak timing the unit’s rate are change is more than the off-peak timings. So instead of calculating bill offline use Pesco bill calculator to calculate your bill without any error.

Pesco bill unit calculator

Consumed units are mentioned in your bill but you can calculate your total consumed units by yourself. Take the readings from your house electricity meter. On your meter total units that you have consumed from the starting day is given. Subtract the previous bill units from these total units and you will get the result of how many units you consumed in the present month.

Also you can calculate units from power in watts. You will have 1 unit =1kWh. If you are consuming 1000Watt per hour and want to calculate units from watt you can use this formula.

1000Watts x 24 x30days= 720000Wh

We know that 1 unit =1kWh so we will have 720kWh that will become 720 units. 720 will be the consumed units and you will have to pay for these 720 units.

Pesco bill unit rates

Pesco unit rates are not same and it varies for different unit ranges and connection types. If we talk about residential connection type the unit rate will be 3.95 from1-50 units and for 50-100 unit you have to pay 7.74 rupee per unit. Similarly the unit rates for more than 700 units is 22.65 rupee per unit.

1. 1-50 Units 3.95
2. 1 – 100 Units 7.74
3. 101 – 200 Units 10.06
4. 201 – 300 Units 12.15
5. 301 – 700 19.55
6. More than 700 Units 22.65


For commercial connection the rate per unit is 19.95 and for industrial connection it is 19.51 per unit. For peak hours the unit rate is 22.65 and for off peak hours rate is 16.33 rupee per unit.

How to check Pesco electricity bill

Pesco is giving the facility of checking bill online, downloading and paying it. For checking your bill search for the online Pesco bill. After getting site for checking your bill enter the reference number of your electricity bill. You can then check and download the duplicate of your bill.

Estimate pesco bill wapda

Pesco bill estimator

Pesco bill estimator tool is the latest technology by which you can now calculate your own bill amount before its arrival. This estimator gives you approximate bill amount using the updated unit rates. The process of calculating via online Pesco bill estimator is easier than calculating offline. You just need to enter the data in the tool and click on submit to get the result.

Pesco Online billing Service

Getting and paying bill online via mobile phone is now the easiest way because you do not need to go to bank to pay the bill. You can now pay all of your bills from home. Pesco is also giving the service of online bill payment using app. There are different ways by which you can pay bill online it includes bank, direct bill payment or jazz cash app. You can also use your debt cards if you have internet banking activated. Paying bill from jazz cash app is much better then another way because it is quick process and safe to use.

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