Online Bill of SNGPL – How can i check my sngpl bill?

Are you seriously tired of not getting your online bill of sngpl and getting a copy of the bill which sometimes does not reach your door?


This might happens due to the fault of the carious or the post office and as a result, you lose your gas connection.


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Online Bill of SNGPL

Well, in this modern era, things have developed a lot from start to beginning, as a matter of fact, everything has become mobile friendly for us. Nowadays you see games apps, food apps, taxi cab apps, everything is mobile friendly so why not out utility gas bills online?

Sngl has come with a solution in this regard and introduced you to a unique method of billing online with sngpl.

All this can be done with the help of the device you are right now holding in your strong hands.


The mobile phone!

All this will become reality just if you use it smartly.

Now you will ask how can I check the online bill of sngpl using by mobile phone. I just use it for TikTok or pubg or Instagram Well, no worries because I am here to ensure you that you can check it in just some easy peasy steps I am going to tell you, my friend.



  1. Pick up your phone.
  2. Open a website browser like google chrome, firefox, opera anyone you like the most is up to you.
  3. Then type
  4. A screen page will open.
  5. At the center, you will see a long bar where it will ask you to place your reference number.
  6. What you don’t have a reference number? Are you joking man you already have it, just grab some old bill which is somewhere under the couch or at home, pick it up and see on the front page you will see your reference number?.
  7. Now type it in the bar.
  8. Click on generate the online bill button.
  9. And Abra Kadabra your bill is in front of you.

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Pay Online Bill via Home

Now if I tell you that you can pay this bill just by sitting at home?


Pretty amazing yes I know, I am going to tell you some free of cost apps that you will use and pay the bill without losing your connection and will not have to visit any post office or a bank in order to do so.

All you need is a JazzCash application. Yes with the help of a JazzCash app you can do it very smoothly and your parents will be proud of you. Now to make them proud and pay the bill online of sngpl follow me :

TESCO Online Bill


  • Download a JazzCash application to your mobile phone device
  • Open the application
  • Select this option Bill Payments
  • Now Sngpl is in front of you select it
  • Now again it is asking for your reference number
  • Give him the reference number
  • And click on the payment
  • Congratulations bill is not submitted.

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