Mepco Online Bill Check- Check,Print and Download duplicate bill

What if I told you that you can do a mepco online bill check within seconds, or how to check online mepco bill , would you believe me? If yes, then you’re a pretty straight person but if no then I’m gonna prove to you in this article.

Yes, this is true mepco gives you authority to check the ebill ( bijli bill ) just sitting anywhere in the world by just having internet access or a crappy phone.

MEPCO is basically known as Multan Electric Supply Company.

The year was 1998 when this huge organization appeared on the map of Pakistan. Mepco has been given the license of distributing electricity by Nerpa and it is facilitating a huge area in Pakistan.
Did you know mepco is covering all electricity or wapda usage in the whole Southern Punjab?


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The cities that are being supplied electricity by mepco are as follows:

  • Sher Shah (Town)
  • Bosan (Town)
  • Sujaabad (Town)
  • Jalalpur Pirwala (Town)
  • Shaheed Mousa Pak (Town)
  • Bahawalnagar
  • Bahawalpur
  • Jhang
  • Layyah
  • Okara
  • Sahiwal
  • Gujranwala
  • Much more

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Mepco Online Bill Check

Every day in this modern world, we see a lot of innovations and advanced techniques being used for human convenience. These facilities are enhanced by humans and the power and wisdom were given by Allah Almighty indeed.

As well as other innovations, mepco has also become quite a lot of advance and facilitating organization. Now, it gives you free access to see and check or even pay your monthly ebill using the internet and a crappy cell phone.

Mepco Online Bill Check

All you need is smart work, a crappy phone, and the internet and the last thing is a referral code.

Referral Code

Now, you guys are probably wondering that what is this thing named as referral code? Where could we find it? Am I gonna find it or not? Do I have to payment for it?

Then no!

Let me explain to you that you already have the referral code, all you have to do is find this code on some past bill that is sitting in your home somewhere, maybe under daddy’s couch but nevermind. But in the past bill, you will easily find it even a blind dude can find it so no worries my friend.

Now you have it then we should move on to our next step.


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Mepco Online Bill Checker and Viewer

You guys will be pretty shocked when you herd that you can easily check the bill using mobile phones. And why shouldn’t be because most of the time, the ebill doesn’t reach us maybe it’s the fault of the company or maybe it could be the fault of the courier guy but whose judging I’m just assuming that.

So, in such cases, it is beneficial for you to know a method to check the ebill whether you receive your bill at home or not.

  1. That’s why I am here with an online bill checker to make your billing problems go away.
  2. If you are ready then let me explain how you can check the bill using a bill checker.
  3. First, take your smartphone in your hands and open your screen lock.
  4. Start a website browser (my suggestion is Google Chrome).
  5. Simply click on
  6. Give it your referral code and hit the button.
  7. This is your bill, amazing yes?.

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