Mepco Online Bill Calculator – Electricity Calculator Online 2021

Are you assuming your bills but want to use Mepco online bill calculator? If you are thinking that my bill is not correctly issued or may be thinking that how much electricity I have consumed or wanting to make a budget. Then all your worries are going to go away.

Because on this page, you are going to get all the required information about the bill calculating techniques.

MEPCO is basically known as Multan electric supply company.

Mepco is a fantastic organization in Pakistan and is totally responsible for providing the basic utility which is electricity in Multan areas and all nearby areas of Multan including rural areas.

The areas are :

  1. Sher shah town in Multan
  2. Town Bosan
  3. Layyah
  4. Okara
  5. Sargodha
  6. Sahiwal
  7. And much more.



It not only supplies this utility to these areas but also in other near cities as well also include the rural areas and small villages as well.

MEPCO Online Bill Calculator

You know that you can calculate your mepco online bill just by doing simple mathematical equations.

I know technology has become soo fast and why we use simple maths and need good software etc but it is soo simple that you do not require software or some artificial intelligence to do this task.

All you need is some smart work, not hard work the only hard work you are going to do is get up and check your meter reading and come back to me so we can get it started.

If you have checked the reading so let’s get straight into it.

  1. First, you have to know that unit of electricity is kilo wat per hour which is KW/H.
  2. Let assume you checked the meter reading and it is 34 wat CLF.
  3. And the consumption time is 19 hours.
  4. 32 watt CFL x 19 hours in a day time = 608 CFL per hour.
  5. 608 is divided by 1000 = 0.608 KW/H.
  6. If we calculate for monthly usage then 0.608 x 30 days of month = 18.24 KW/H.
  7. Do you know what this means?
  8. It means you consumed 18.24 KW/H of energy in a month while running the electricity for 19 hours a day.



MEPCO Online Bill Calculator

Before calculating your consumption also note that mepco has usage stages that are different for a particular level of utilization.

For example, I will tell you

  • Units that are 1 to 50 can cost you 3.56 PKR.
  • Units that are from 51 to 100 can cost you 4.88 PKR.
  • Units that are from 101 to 300 and above are likely to cost you approximately 8 PKR.

So, note these stages down before you are going to calculate your bill utilization and mark my words if you do this method the way I told you then you are going to become a master of your skill and be very effective while using mepco online bill calculator. If you like this topic then you will surely like it (MEPCO BILL).

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