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Are you assuming your bills but want to use Mepco online bill calculator? If you are thinking that my bill is not correctly issued or may be thinking that how much electricity I have consumed or wanting to make a budget. Then all your worries are going to go away.

Do you want too estimate Mepco bill before it comes to your hand? If yes, then you are at right place because we are providing you the accurate Mepco bill calculator. This is the best Mepco bill estimator tool by which you can estimate or verify your bill amount.

estimate mepco bill

Mepco is the Multan electric power company that is responsible for electricity supply in Multan and nearby areas in south Punjab. You can not only see mepco bill online but this company is also giving the facility of downloading the duplicate bill and paying bill online. If you are curious about you bill amount you can use Mepco bill calculator tool to verify the actual bill cost.

How to Calculate Mepco Bill

Calculation of Mepco bill is very easy as you just have to enter some required data and your estimated bill be ready to see. There are few steps that you have to follow to calculate Mepco bill online.

  • To calculate bill online you have to click on the Mepco bill calculator button that is given here
  • After clicking button You will reached to a page where you can select the bill company
  • Select your Bill Company
  • Then you will redirect to the Mepco bill estimator page
  • Select phase and connection of your bill
  • Add consumed units according to the meter
  • Add more required data
  • Click on submit

After submitting the data you will get the estimated bill amount that you have to pay

Mepco consumer bill calculator

Mepco bill estimator is an amazing tool by which you can estimate the exact amount of your electricity cost. You can use this calculator if you think that there is problem in your total amount. Not only you check the cost of the bill but also can pay bill online. This is all because of the latest technology. To calculate the bill you must know few things about your bill. That are total units, connection type, and phase.

Total units

Units that you consumed in whole month is the important thing while calculating bill online. You can see the total units from your electricity meter. If you are estimating the upcoming bill cost then you can calculate consumed units by subtracting previous units from the current units. But if you are verifying you bill amount then you can simply use the units mentioned on your bill.


Selecting your connection type is also very important for calculating bill. There are several connection that you can select but you have to select the connection type mentioned in your previous bill. Tariff in your electricity bill is your connection type that you can see from there.


Selecting phase is the last important thing that will make your bill amount precise. You can select either single phase or three phase. After selecting phase enter submit button and get the results.

Mepco bill calculation formula

While calculating Mepco bill you do not have any specific formula. You just need to do few simple steps. First of all multiply unit with the updated unit rates. Then add tax, meter charges, service rent and you will get the results. If you are using the mepco bill calculator then you do not need to do these calculation. Just enter the units and get the results.

Mepco bill unit calculator

Unit rate is not same for different unit ranges. The bill amount depends upon the number of units consumed. To calculate consumed unit subtract the previous month consumed units from the total units of the meter. These units rate of different connection and phase are different. If you consumed units from 1-50 you will have to pay 3.95 rupee per unit. And this rate increases for different ranges.

mepco bill calculator

Mepco bill unit rates

Mepco tariff in providing unit rates for both peak and off peak timings. At these peak timings the unit rates are more than the off-peak timings. For peak hours the unit rate is 22.65 per unit and for off peak hours unit rate is 16.33. For single phase per consumer rate is 175 per person and for three phase connection the rate is 350 per consumer per month.

The industrial unit rate that is 19.51 and for commercial tariff the unit rate is 19.95.  Here we have given the table for residential connection type where you can see the different unit rates for different units.

1. 1-50 Units 3.95
2. 1 – 100 Units 7.74
3. 101 – 200 Units 10.06
4. 201 – 300 Units 12.15
5. 301 – 700 19.55
6. More than 700 Units 22.65

How to check Mepco electricity bill

Multan electric power company is now giving you the facility of online bill checking and downloading. If you have lost your bill or want to see it before its arrival you can search for the Mepco online bill and can see you electricity bill. For this purpose go to your search engine and search Mepco electricity bill. Then click on a website where you can check the bill.

calculate mepco bill

Before checking your bill you need to enter your reference number. If you do not know your reference number you can see it on your previous mepco bill. After entering bill reference number you will be able to see the electricity bill online. You can then pay it from your mobiles.

Mepco Online billing Service

Paying bill via mobile phone is now the easiest way because you do not need to go to bank to pay the bill. You can now pay all of your bills from home. Mepco is also giving the service of online bill payment. There are different ways to pay bill online including bank, direct bill payment or jazz cash app. You can also use your debt cards if you have internet banking activated.

Paying you Mepco bill via jazz cash app is easier and secure. Just go the jazz cash app select the bill payment option and then select the company. After that you can pay your bills online.

Mepco Bill Estimator

Mepco bill estimator is the tool that will calculate your bill online. Its free tool that you can use to get an idea of your bill amount. The calculated amount may differ from the actual amount but you will get an idea of your bill cost. if you want get the exact bill amount you must have to enter all the necessary data otherwise only entering consumed unit is enough.

It not only supplies this utility to these areas but also in other near cities as well also include the rural areas and small villages as well.

MEPCO Bill Simple Calculations:

You know that you can calculate your mepco online bill just by doing simple mathematical equations.

I know technology has become soo fast and why we use simple maths and need good software etc but it is soo simple that you do not require software or some artificial intelligence to do this task.

All you need is some smart work, not hard work the only hard work you are going to do is get up and check your meter reading and come back to me so we can get it started.

If you have checked the reading so let’s get straight into it.

  1. First, you have to know that unit of electricity is kilo wat per hour which is KW/H.
  2. Let assume you checked the meter reading and it is 34 wat CLF.
  3. And the consumption time is 19 hours.
  4. 32 watt CFL x 19 hours in a day time = 608 CFL per hour.
  5. 608 is divided by 1000 = 0.608 KW/H.
  6. If we calculate for monthly usage then 0.608 x 30 days of month = 18.24 KW/H.
  7. Do you know what this means?
  8. It means you consumed 18.24 KW/H of energy in a month while running the electricity for 19 hours a day.

MEPCO Online Bill Calculator

Before calculating your consumption also note that mepco has usage stages that are different for a particular level of utilization.

For example, I will tell you

  • Units that are 1 to 50 can cost you 3.56 PKR.
  • Units that are from 51 to 100 can cost you 4.88 PKR.
  • Units that are from 101 to 300 and above are likely to cost you approximately 8 PKR.

So, note these stages down before you are going to calculate your bill utilization and mark my words if you do this method the way I told you then you are going to become a master of your skill and be very effective while using mepco online bill calculator. If you like this topic then you will surely like it (MEPCO BILL).

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