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Lahore electric supply company( LESCO) provides electricity to Lahore in 6 divisions. The primary concern of  LESCO is to provide the facilities to their customers. In the online bill facility, you can check your electricity bill online at any time.

If onlineduplicatebills.com understands your problems, then this is a good thing for every new reader. If you are trying to find Lesco bill online at your home, office, or anywhere then you are the right place. As we all know, as soon as the month-end, we all are prepared for paying bills. You may get a bill after a delay, or the bill might deliver to the wrong address.

To overcome that problem, Lesco introduces a duplicate bill generation facility online. Here you can check lesco duplicate bill in few minutes anytime, anywhere.


lesco bill


We are all aware that the LESCO is the short form of the Lahore Electric Supply Company. It is among the most well-reputed power supply companies in Pakistan. LESCO buys electricity from WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority) and ensures the uninterpreted distribution of the power in all areas under its range.

In this digital world, LESCO Online Bill takes the initiative to provide customers with all the details on their smartphones. The Lesco online bill is an exciting initiative to let you know about the current month bill sitting at home. You can save the soft copy or can download the hard form of the bill as well.

LESCO Wapda was organized in 1998 with the design of mercenary and denationalization. Though it gained self-government but is still considered a department of government under WAPDA. A step by step guide is given below.

Online Lesco Bill Check

LESCO knows the consumers’ problem, so if you lost your current monthly bill or haven’t received it yet, you can check the online Lesco bill check and pay as well to avoid inconvenience in the future. You need to have a reference number that you can get from the previous bill or duplicate bill lesco by CNIC. It’s an easy method to get the data and download the current month bill in few steps.

lesco bill check

You can check the Lesco customer bill by clicking the above button.
It’s an excellent approach to save all previous Lesco bill records because you may need them anytime.

Steps to Follow:
• Find Reference Number in your Old MEPCO bill history.
• Put 14 Digits in Box
• Generate Your Bill



How can the consumers download the Lesco bills?

If you do not want to print out the LESCO bill, you can download it on your mobile or PC. Downloading an electricity bill is another useful method to save your bills. Enter 14 digit reference numbers and open your bill. Press Ctrl+P and download and save your bill in any folder.

LESCO Bill Correction

Lesco bill correction by dialing Contact Centre at 118 or SMS at 8118. You can also correct your bill by Email at [email protected]


lesco bill

LESCO Bill History

LESCO spends more than 3.2 million consumers in the country. Lesco takes the place of 13 districts of Punjab. Wapda company found in 1998. The LESCO company is licensed under NEPRA (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority).

A reference number will let you pay the bills, and you can get the LESCO bill payment history.
In short, we can say the bill has all the details to assist the consumers; that’s why it’s one of the best power supply company in Pakistan.
LESCO Areas of the Service

As we told earlier, LESCO operated in Southern Punjab. We will also share where the LESCO operates.

LESCO Bill Payment Method

There are several options to pay you the LESCO electricity bill. Including the traditional method of paying the bill in all commercial banks.
If you want to avoid paying bills using commercial banks, you can choose any of the option given below:

  • All Post offices
  • JazzCash
  • EasyPaisa
  • Omni UPaisa
  • Mobile Banking Apps
  • NADRA collection points

Jazz Cash and Easy Paisa are the two most convenient methods to pay the bills. All you need to install the apps and select the “Pay Bills” option will appear on the top. You can choose LESCO from there and can pay the bill by entering the 14 digits reference number.
If you are not sure how to pay via these apps, you can visit smart shops in your area with Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa, or Omni UPaisa facility. Jazz Cash is one of the most popular apps in Pakistan; that’s why we are guiding you step by step to pay through Jazz Cash.

how to pay lesco bill through jazz cash
Steps for Jazz Cash Payment Method

  • Dial *786# or Install the App
  • Go to Pay Bills
  • Select Electricity
  • Select Electricity
  • Choose LESCO from given options
  • Enter 14 Digits Reference No
  • Enter Pin code
  • Submit
  • Congratulations, your bill is paid now

How to pay Electricity bill through EasyPaisa Account?

  • Open EASYPAISA App
  • Login account ID
  • Choose Electricity Bills
  • Select your electric company (IESCO, LESCO, PESCO etc)
  • Put consumer reference number
  • Confirm your details
  • Click on Pay Now
  • Your transaction is successful
  • Once you select pay now, a confirmation popup will appear on App
  • You will receive a text msg on your Easy paisa Mobile Number

Which Banks Provide the facility to pay bills?

Different banks provide the facility to submit your electricity bill online such as:

  • United Bank Limited (UBL)
  • Standard Chartered (SCB)
  • Muslim Commercial bank (MCB)
  • Habib Bank Limited (HBL)
  • Askari Bank (AKBL)
  • Bank Al Falah
  • Allied Bank (ABL)
  • Faysal Bank (FBL)

For the updates of the monthly electricity bill, you must register yourself. The online system is very secure and helpful.

Areas under LESCO

LESCO covers the following district areas:

  • Lahore
  • Qasur
  • Okara
  • Sheikhu Pura

LESCO Bill Calculator

Onlineduplicatebills.com designed a professional calculator that helps to estimate LESCO bill calculation. Note down the meter reading and check the consumed unit price according to this calculator.

In case you are looking for LESCO DUPLICATE bill installment details, you can visit here
lesco bill calculator

Lesco Jobs

LESCO jobs are a golden opportunity in Pakistan Because its a govt job every one tries to achieve this one. If you want to become a part of LESCO Punjab, then visit its official website. All Jobs are indicated on the official web which is an excellent source of trust.

lesco jobs

Lesco Complaints

If you have any lesco complaints or find any irregularities, you can contact with complaint department of LESCO. There are two ways to contact LESCO i.e., LESCO bill helpline number, or by email.
You can launch complaints related to LESCO bill general, theft, or overbilling. Below are the contact numbers and email addresses.

LESCO Complaint Number

Toll-Free Number: 0800-00118

You can dial any time lesco complaint no. from your own ptcl landline to reach lesco complaint cell.


LESCO Head Quarter, 22-A Queens Road Lahore
Ph: 042-99205248

Find all – LESCO bill helpline number here!


LESCO online facility is a big blessing and sigh of relief for millions of customers to facilitate general billing, overbilling, wrong reading, naming or address issues, and much more. With these facilities, you can get quick and timely access to your electricity bill data. The numbers and emails are made public, so you can register a complaint in case you find any inconvenience.


What is the full form of LESCO?

LESCO stands for “Lahore Electric Supply Company”

How can consumers pay their electric bills online?

Consumers can pay their electricity bills online through banks. Almost all banks in Lahore provide this online electricity bill submission facility. But first of all, you must register yourself at an online banking website with the help of debit cards and credit cards. Log in, open your payment voucher and select the option like pay LESCO bill. There are no extra charges.

How can I find my LESCO reference number?

You can find the Lesco reference number on the upper right corner of your electricity bill.

How is the Lesco bill calculated?

There are 3 steps to calculate the LESCO bill: 1-Units Consumed,2-Meter Rent,3-Service Rent.

How do I check my current electric bill?

A reference number will tell the LESCO bill payment history.

What is Lesco bill?

LESCO is the short form of the Lahore Electric Supply Company. It is among the most well-reputed power supply companies in Pakistan. LESCO buys electricity from WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority).

How can I check my electricity bill in Pakistan?

Opening the browser you need to enter the 14 digits reference number without any space and click it to check.

How can I check my electricity bill online Lahore?

Opening the browser you need to enter the 14 digits reference number without any space and click it to check.


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