IESCO Bill Calculator – Now Calculate iesco bill easily in one click

Now you can not only check, download and pay your bills online but can also calculate IESCO bills to verify whether your bill is correct or not. Here we are providing the best IESCO bill calculator to calculate IESCO bills online. The IESCO bill calculator used the latest unit rates of 2021 and estimate IESCO bill for you in few seconds.

IESCO supplies electricity in Islamabad and in Rawalpindi and is stands for Islamabad electricity supply company. IESCO is fulfilling the requirements of 6 district and almost 27 million people. You check the bill online and also have the facility to pay your bills online.

Calculate IESCO Bill:

IESCO bill calculator is a tool that calculate your bill amount. We are providing you the best tool that will calculate the exact amount of the bill including tax and all other deductions. Also this calculator provide you the feature that you can select the connection type that either it is domestic, commercial or industrial. You can also select the phase of your own choice single or three phase. In short this tool is providing you the best bill amount calculator using the updated amount of a unit.

How to calculate IESCO bill

Using online tool for calculating IESCO bill is so simple and easy and also this tool is free of cost. You just have to know the units you spend to calculate the bill. This tool will automatically calculate your bill using latest rates of units. Now let us see how we can calculate IESCO bill?

First of all click on the calculate bill button. After clicking on the button you will reach to a page where you will get different options like which bill you want to calculate. Select the IESCO bill and you will redirect to the bill estimator page. Here you have to add your data like number of units, no of TVs connection type, phase etc. after filling it click on the submit button and you will get result on your IESCO total bill. This is an easy process that you can use to verify whether your billing amount is correct or not.

IESCO Bill Calculation Formula

There is no specific formula for the IESCO bill calculator. Your just have to know the total units that you used. First of all multiply the bill units to the current rate of a unit. For example if the current unit rate is 2 and the unit you have spent is 21 then there multiplication value will be 42. After calculating that you have to add F.C Surcharges, electricity Duty, TV fee, GST, N.J surcharges and you will get the amount of your bill.

This is the simple formula of how to calculate the IESCO bill. At residential connection type the rate per unit changes for the amount of units, for example there are different rates of a unit for 50 units and for more than 50 unit rates changes. If you are using the bill estimator you will not need to take care of anything you just have to enter the units and some more data and your bill amount will be calculated.

IESCO Bill Unit Rates

The bill unit rates are different for different connections first we see the unit rates for residential connection.

IESCO Unit rates for residential connection

Just because the tariff guide explicitly sets the units rates that is why different connection types have different rates per unit. If we talk about the IESCO residential units we see that there different unit rates for different ranges. For example for units below 50 the amount of a unit is 2RS and for more than 50 it is 5.79 and keeps on increasing as the total units increases.

Sr No. Units Price per Unit
1 1-50 2.00 Rs
2 51 – 100 5.79 Rs
3 101 – 200 8.11 Rs
4 201 – 300 10.20 Rs
5 301 – 700 17.60 Rs
6 More than 700 20.70 Rs

For other connections

IESCO charges each connections differently and the amount of unit for residential connection is different from the commercial and industrial connections. Our toll is already set with the latest rates of units and calculate the exact amount of your bill according to the connection type and total units you consumed.

IESCO Online Billing Service

After confirming your bill you can pay the bill online by using IESCO online bill paying services. There are different way by which you can pay the bill. You can either pay the bill by using mobile app or by web application. Paying via mobile application is easier then web application. Also there are multiple way of billing. Like you can pay via jazz cash, bank, and easy paisa.

What we prefer is jazz cash app because it is the easiest and secure way to pay your bills. If your banks allow internet banking then you can also use bank for paying bill otherwise jazz cash billing is ok. On jazz cash first set up your account by dialing *786# on you mobile phone and follow few steps to set up your account. You can then pay your bills from your jazz cash and it will take less than 15 minutes. Paying bills online is the convenient way because you do not have to go to the banks to pay bill. You can pay your bills sitting at home.

IESCO Bill Estimator

You can estimate IESCO bill by only applying units that you have consumed. This is the easy way to get prepare about your bill. You can check from the meter that how many units you have consumed and after that you can use the IESCO estimator to estimate the total amount of your bill.

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