HESCO Helpline | Register Complaint of HESCO Electricity Problems

Hyderabad Electricity Supply Company (HESCO) is an electrical supplies company, owned by Pakistan hydrothermal power and power development authority (WAPDA). HESCO helpline facilities to their customers in recovering and solving their problems. You can submit any query or complaint regarding electricity at their official cell number and email address.
HESCO was founded on 23 April 1998. It got their first certificate for commencement of business on 1st July 1998 from NEPRA.

How can you register your complaint at HESCO?

You can register your complaint via call, email address, and SMS.

If have not received satisfactory results then you can email to Head, Quality, and Assurance at [email protected]

The company can track your complaint by using the customer reference number.

The company can resolve your problem within 14 days.

If your complaint needs a complex investigation then the company will notify you of the extension of time.

HESCO Complaint Numbers:

You can contact HESCO to register complaint at given numbers.

01- HESCO Federal Complaint Cell 03041927621
02- HESCO Federal Complaint Cell 03041927622
03- HESCO Federal Complaint Cell 03041927623
118-HESCO Helpline 01 03041927617
118-HESCO Helpline 02 03041927618
118-HESCO Helpline 03 03041927619

Address: HESCO Headquarters, Wapda complex, Hussainabad Hyderabad Sindh, Pakistan

Ph: (+92)22-9260161

Email: [email protected]

Link: http://www.hesco.gov.pk/contactus.asp

HESCO Customer services

HESCO customer care is always available to facilitate their consumers. They also have their service centers to solve their problems related to,

  • Load Shedding
  • Tariff
  • Installment powers
  • Consumer service Manual
  • Safety guide
  • Reconnection policy
  • Connection policy
  • Detection policy
  • Reduction/ Extension of load
  • Shutdown schedule
  • Repair damaged or loose electrical systems.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.  You can find the service centers according to division, subdivision, Division circle.

How can you resolve your HESCO electrical connection and disconnection problems?

If consumers are the default in payments, theft of electricity, and involved in the misuse of tariff. Then, the connection of electricity will be permanently disconnected.

If consumers want to shift to another area and on the consumer’s request, you can get a temporary disconnection of electricity for a maximum of eleven months. For this purpose consumers should talk to the helpline for further procedures and queries.

  • The consumer has paid all dues before submitting the temporary disconnection application.
  • There is no reconnection fee if the consumer applies again within seven days for the reconnection of electricity.
  • After the expiry date, all charges will be applicable. If the consumer defaults in future dues, then the connection will be disconnected and equipment will also be removed.

HESCO Permanent Disconnection

Consumers can get permanent disconnection by the HESCO helpline or visit the service center. Consumers should apply at the sanctioning office who will decide the final electricity bill. After the payment of the bill, the sanctioning officer will order permanent disconnection.

Extension / Reduction of load in HESCO

If you have a problem of extension/ reduction of load then consumers can submit their application with requiring documents

  • Test report, that is delivered by the Electric inspector and wiring contractor.
  • Copy of last bill( deferred amount, no arrears, pending installments)
  • Attested CNIC copy
  • Power supply contract
  • Payment of the capital cost
  • Security deposit

Shifting of connection

If consumers want to shift their electrical connection then follow the following terms

  • A new connection area should be within the same subdivision.
  • A new connection site should be on the name of his legal heir.
  • You will pay installment charges, the cost of extra equipment or material, and dismantlement charges for the shifting connection.
  • For the shifting, update your security deposits.

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