Check Gepco Bill Online 2021 – View, Print, and Download

Are you a residential person of Gujranwala or some near village and want to view your Gepco online bill? or are you worried that you didn’t receive your monthly bill on time and wondering how am I gonna know?

Then rest assured you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Here, we discuss different billing methods and convenient tricks to see, double-check, or even locating the history of the whole bill and now we are going to talk about Gepco. So, stay focused.



Gepco Bill Online

Where the whole world is making progress and incredible changes with time gepco has also become very advanced.
First, in older times, gepco was basically under wapda’s authority but in recent years pesco has taken control of this particular organization.

But what can you say pesco is also under wapda so no worries at all.

Gepco presents you with a whole new feature of viewing your monthly bills just doing nothing and lying on your comfortable bed or couch.

All you need is two things

  1. Mobile phone.
  2. Ref. number.

Now, you are probably wondering, “yea, I have the mobile phone but what is this ref. number stuff?” Calm down buddy, I got you covered.

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Reference Number

Finding a ref. the number is not rocket science hard stuff. Before I tell you, you already have it. Just pick up an old bill from your house and see it yourself, it will be on the front page.

Now you are in possession of the ref. number lets move on to the next phase.

Online Bill Checking

Now you have both things let me tell you the convenient method of checking online duplicate bills of gepco.

Gepco Bill Online

  1. First of all, pick up your cell phone.
  2. Open some sort of web browser like Google chrome( best option).
  3. Now, in a browser, you will type or just click on it here.
  4. A smart box is right in front of you.
  5. Now start typing your ref. number.
  6. Hit the button given.
  7. Now you can check your bill.
Check Duplicate Bill

Quite easy and effective. Now, I will show you how you can also pay for it with a free mobile application.

Bill Payment Online

Paying the bill online is as much easy as checking the bill online. Now you are wondering how? With the increase in usage of mobile apps and everything becoming mobile-friendly, gepco is also showing some great changes in fast years.

Now, it is giving you a chance to submit your monthly electricity bills just via home and 100% free of cost. All you need is a free mobile application named “JazzCash”, download it and let’s get started.

Gepco Bill Online

  1. Open the application JazzCash on your android or IOS mobile device
  2. An option named “pay the bills”.
  3. Simply touch it.
  4. Now you will see the Gepco option there.
  5. Simply touch it again.
  6. The same smart box will appear.
  7. Write your ref. number.
  8. Smash the button in front of you.
  9. Your bill is amazingly paid.

You can also pay SEPCO Bill

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