FESCO Helpline | Register Complaint of FESCO Electricity Problem

FESCO users came across different electricity issues and their FESCO helpline provides a solution to their consumers. There are many ways of lodging complaints at Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) are explained below.

Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) was first established in 1998. FESCO is an electric company that supplies electricity to the many  districts of Pakistan such asMianwali, Khushab, Sargodha, Toba Tek Singh, and Faisalabad. FESCO generates electricity through hydroelectric power. This company has a Distribution License granted by National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) and supplies 4.01 million people. FESCO is the best company for producing, transporting and distributing electricity. Mainly it distributes electricity in Faisalabad for their industrial uses.

FESCO Complaint Numbers:

Name Designation & Office Phone Office Cell #
Mubashar Ameer Lara SDO , City Fsd 041-9330010 0345-1501005
Muhammad Ahmed Nadeem SDO , Civil Line Fsd 041-9201194 0345-1501006
Muhammad Talha SDO , Islampura Fsd 041-9330852 0345-1501007
Ammar Afzal SDO , Tariq Abad Fsd 041-9330847 0345-1501008
Tahir Maqsood SDO , Sargodha Road Fsd 041-8586191 0345-1501009
Shahzaib Ali Liaqat SDO , Hajiabad Fsd 041-8788404 0345-1501011
SDO , Millat Town Fsd 041-8767232 0345-1501012
Rashid Mehmood SDO , Muslim Town Fsd 041-9330889 0345-1500473

Contact FESCO by email and cell number: You can contact FESCO easily. You can send an email to

  • Chief Executive
  • Director-General Human Resources
  • Director-General IT
  • Director-General commercial

Faisalabad Electric Supply Company, West Canal Road, Abdullah Pur, Faisalabad.

Fesco Complaint cell numbers: +92-41-9220184-9220229

Fax#: +92-41-9220233

Customers can contact on 118

UAN# 080066554

Complaint contacts on your bill | SDO – XEN:

Finding the contact number of relevant SDO & XEN is the easiest and most effective way of registering complaint at FESCO. When you see your previous bill closely. At lower area of page, below the meter reading image, you can find contact numbers of SDO & XEN of your division. You can call on these numbers and tell about your electricity, load shedding, voltage and other power issues. Check the image below for further guidance.

FESCO Helpline | complaint registration

How to File a FESCO Online Complaint Directly to Officer:

In FESCO company, if you have any query or complain you can search officer on the FESCO website

  • By name
  • By city
  • By designation
  • Ist circle
  • Il circle
  • Sargodha circle
  • Jhang circle
  • Mianwali circle

And can register your complaint online. Focal person can check complaint status online and responds you back.

How to register complaint at FESCO:

  • You can file your complaint online by online form which is available on FESCO form.
  • Open the form, enter your full name
  • Enter your address
  • Select your country and your city
  • Enter your cell phone and CNIC
  • At the last, select the agency and sub-office
  • If you want to attach any documents as proof you can attach by clicking on choose file.
  • Read and follow the affidavit
  • At the last, enter security code, then click on send to register your complaint.

FESCO Customer Service:

FESCO customer care is at its best. For the ease of  users, they have provided form and you can collect forms in Urdu and English according to your query.

  • NOC form from the owner
  • Affidavit form from the owner
  • Customer complaint management system
  • Protection
  • Registration through Mobile phone or SMS
  • Suggestion box
  • Procedure and forms for replacement of defective meter
  • Procedure for replacement and repairing of transformer
  • Billing schedule

The XEN FESCO 1st division can be contacted at 0345-1502506 and complaint center 0483255028, SDO (Operation) City Sub division 0345-150 2561 and 0489230391, SDO Rural sub division 0345-1502521 and 0489230380, SDO Aziz Bhatti town 0345-1502562 and 0483726264, SDO Tariqabad 0345-1502522 and 0483216168, SDO Nishtarabad 03451500149 and 04837920000.

The residents of FESCO 2nd division can contact XEN (Operations) on 0345-1502503 and 0489239054, SDO Islampura 0345-1502529 and 0483210092, SDO Kotfarid 034-1502540 and 0483710033, SDO Satellite town 034-1502528 and 0483750872, SDO Bhagtanwala-I 0345-1502508 and 0483782229, Bhagtanwala-II 03451502563 and 0483780001, SDO New Satelite town 03451501422 and 0483216171 for complaints.

For complaints in the FESCO 3rd division, the consumers can inform about power theft to 03451502505 and 0489230505, SDO Civil lines 03451502550 and 0489230397, SDO Silanwali 03451502548 and 0486531343, SDO Sahiwal-I 03451502549 and 0486786033, SDO Sahiwal-II 0345 1502517and 0486786011, SDO Sahpur 03451502551 and 0486310071, SDO Jhawrian 03451500154 and 0487699109.

Departments of FESCO:

FESCO has many departments to facilitate their consumers.

  • Grid station
  • New Connection Monitoring System
  • Planning department
  • Material Management
  • Finance Dashboard
  • Online cash
  • HR Dashboard
  • CFL Entry
  • Payroll Change Form

If any customer doesn’t not want to use more electricity through FESCO, will fill the form and apply for permanent disconnection. After the clearance from the Revenue office, the connection will be disconnected permanently. For more and general information you can visit www.fesco.com.pk.

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